Welcome to The V Channel

The V Channel is an extraordinary venture in alternative radio. Although others have attempted to develop a radio presence built around the supernatural and the exotic, V is unique in that we’ve been able to bring together multiple groups, under one umbrella organizational structure.
Like so many other demographic sectors in our modern world, what could be called “the UFO community” is sharply divided. V’s answer to this is to apply the admonition given to us by Jesus -- the often cited, but rarely followed, Golden Rule of do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.
Further, because the supernatural phenomena quickly encroaches onto religious sensibilities, the V Channel’s sponsoring ministry, Christian Media, subscribes to the marching orders given in the New Testament, which tells us to do our best to walk the talk.
Thus, the V Channel has Christian programmers, and non-Christian programmers, who have come to V because we all sense there is something very important occurring in the heavens in our time.
We hope you enjoy the ride!